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Differences between domestic and commercial cleaning:
Many people get confused between domestic and commercial cleaning, which is understandable. After all, dirt is the same wherever you go. So how is commercial cleaning different from domestic cleaning? And is it worth hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business?
Let’s look at some of the ways these two differ, and why it might be worth hiring a cleaning company for your business. Dust and dirt accumulation
The most obvious difference between your home and business is the amount of dust and dirt that’ll need to be cleaned. Obviously, your business will have a lot more people coming and going, which means your premises will need cleaning much more often when compared to your home.
'? Another side effect of this is that your business will need disinfection services quite often. Even if the pandemic wasn’t an issue, the frequently used surfaces in your business are riddled with germs. The cleaning products used by commercial companies are also meant to disinfect these surfaces. Area Generally speaking, the cleaning area in homes is very small when compared to businesses. Commercial cleaning companies specialize in cleaning large areas thoroughly and quickly, with minimal interruption to business activities. Most of the time, there’s no interruption in business. Cleaning products and devices used Commercial cleaning companies use stronger cleaning products that are also specialized to the type of business being cleaned. Obviously, the products used in a restaurant cannot be the same as the products that are used in a warehouse. Similarly, hospital grade products need to be used for disinfection purposes in businesses. Apart from the products, the cleaning devices used by commercial cleaning companies are also much more powerful than the vacuum cleaner you might use at home. Compared to the specialized devices used for commercial cleaning, domestic cleaning devices are much simpler and intended for general purpose cleaning. Skills and credentials You don’t need any special skills or credentials to clean your home, but commercial cleaning companies need to jump through a lot of hoops to do their jobs. First of all, their employees need to be properly trained and certified in the use of cleaning products and devices. The heavy, industrial-grade equipment used by these companies needs special training. Hospital grade products also need skills and training to use properly. In addition, these companies themselves need to get certifications from their respective states and countries. The first thing you should check is if a company has proper certification and documentation for commercial cleaning. Cleaning frequency Unless you live in a super dusty environment, cleaning your home once a week is more than enough for most people. However, businesses need to be cleaned on a daily basis. As we mentioned earlier, businesses collect dirt and grime much quicker than a regular household. Which is why they need to be cleaned much more frequently. Especially in case of large business premises, specialized cleaning services are required to make sure that cleaning is done quickly, properly, and without interruptions. As a business, it’s tricky to keep everything clean for all the people who use your premises; your employees and clients included. It’s crucial to select the right cleaning service so your business can run smoothly. We hope this article was informative for you. Please let us know if you’d like us to cover a topic.
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